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WP3 - Cultural and Science Diplomacy: The Transnational and Collaborative Dynamic

Who, or what, are the new players—public and private, national and international—structuring and regulating cultural and science diplomacy? These players do not emerge within neatly and tightly sealed cartographic entities. Instead, there are transnational and inter-regional diplomatic dynamics interwoven with policy initiatives directed at nation-states, and which are undertaken by a constellation of policy actors from the private sector and civil society. These actors include intergovernmental organisations as well as informal international networks, international NGOs, cultural associations and philanthropic foundations, scientific communities, ‘standing’ conferences and research consortia.


Work Package 3 will investigate the international collaborations of leading non-state actors in diplomacy and diplomatic practices and policy partnerships of these actors in science, cultural and innovation initiatives.


The specific objectives of this WP are:


  1. To analyse the role of international organisations and various specialised transnational agencies in the development of global governance and transnational administration.

  2. To determine how the promotion of science, innovation and cultural diplomacy via international institutions and actors can assist processes of global governance and transnational administration.

  3. To evaluate the approaches of some of the EU’s at times partners, at times competitors (the US, Canada, China, Australia, Japan, and India), in fostering or hindering global governance and transnational administration through the use of science, cultural and innovation diplomacy.

  4. To describe and evaluate the leverage cultural and science diplomacy have in building multi-actor relationships and informal and formal global networks.

  5. To make proposals to the EU, to international organisations and other international institutions and actors, as to how to enhance their effectiveness in the governance and administration of science and cultural diplomacy.


The WP3 work is undertaken by UoW, VUB, NU and NUS.

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