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Project Researchers

The EL-CSID Consortium consists of researchers from nine different institutions based in Belgium, Germany, Kazakhstan, Singapore, Slovenia, Turkey and the United Kingdom. Their profiles can be consulted below.



Senior Policy Advisor - JIIP


Research Fellow - UNU-CRIS



Associate Professor - NUS

Kristina Bekenova

Research Assistant - NU


Associate Fellow - UoW

Elke Boers

Project Researcher - UNU-CRIS/VUB


Director of CSGR and Associate Professor - UoW


Reader of Politics and International Studies


Assistant Professor - VUB


Professor - NU


Associate Senior Research Fellow - UNU-CRIS


President and Professor - EMUNI


Managing Director - JIIP

Tim Flink

Postdoctoral researcher - Humboldt Universität zu Berlin


Project and Communication Manager - JIIP

Antoine Hatzenberger

Research Fellow - EMUNI


Associate Professor - NUS


Research Professor - VUB


Research Fellow - UNU-CRIS


Project Manager - EMUNI


Dean of VeCo and Research Professor - VUB


Senior Policy Advisor - JIIP


Professorial Research Fellow - UoW


Project Manager - VUB

Jerneja Penca

Research Fellow - EMUNI

Virginia Proud

Research Officer - VUB

Research Fellow - WZB

Begoña Sanchez


Innovation Strategies and Policies Manager - TECNALIA

N. Selin Senocak


Chair holder - UNESCO/CEDS


Senior Researcher - WZB


Professor - UoW


Associate Professor - VUB

Project Researcher - UNU-CRIS


Scientific Coordinator - VUB

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